Bruce Lockier.

20_telstra-rural-media-awards_7th-dec-2012_general_dsc_0024_dBruce (middle) with wife Joan and Ian Doyle, President, Regional Media South Australia at the Showgrounds.
Bruce Lockier, former Compositor, Cultural and Horticultural Icon was born on 24th June, 1928 at Maylands, South Australia.
Mr Lockier has had an illustrious career.
He organised the decoration of the City of Adelaide for the young Queen Elizabeth on her first visit to South Australia in the 1950s.
Bruce’s efforts earned the then Government Printer K. Stevenson (Doctor Cack) an OBE Award.
Sixty years on, Bruce is still bitter that he did all the work and K. Stevenson got the Glory.
“I put my life on the line during that time and only got an idiot called Fred Lipps to help out at the last minute.”
“But Lipps was as useful as a hip pocket in a singlet,” Bruce said.
But it was Bruce’s career as Entertainment Director for the Old Guv Cricket Club and as the driving force behind the formation of the Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia that has created his legendary iconic status (but no OBE).
Few of us will ever forget his “This is Your Life” presentation to dear friend Lew Morrison at a Cricket Club Cabaret.
It was hilarious and clever.
Well done Bruce!