“Lew and Alec.”

I can see the late Alec Neilson and his dearest friend Lew Morrison here.
Both are looking very young I might add!
All the rumours you have heard about them are very true indeed. 
These two Scottish laddies used to bicycle together when young boys and fight over the same wee lassies.
Lew the Apprentice gave Alec a job at Lew’s print company (joke) when Alec was down on his luck.
Alec had rather foolishly been telling all his prospective print employers that he was colour blind.
Then the Second World War intervened and Lew went off to take his turn in the Barrel on a Scottish Man O’War.
Then it was off to Australia.
Luckily, Australia House waived the ten pound “pom” fee for both of them because it was painfully obvious that they weren’t “real poms.”
As for the all the others around the table I haven’t got a bloody clue who they are!