“Bert Parsons Retires”.

(Left to Right) Ian Nattrass, Howard Bateup, Harry Cumberland, Unknown, Syd Tschirn, John Cresswell, Bob Cooper, Eric Swann, David Conlon, Phil Murphy, (Top) Roger Smith, (Below and Right) David Walker, (Hiding) Brian Long, Paul Raby, Alan Partridge, Jack Veitch, Ron Ball, (Above) Keith Smith, (Above) Bob Dickson, Ian Russell, (Above) Alfie ?, (Below) Aad Stegink, (Below Aad and to the Left) face hidden, blond hair, can’t tell who? Maybe “Porky” Dell, (Below Aad) Keith Luce, Doug Lawrie, (Above) Reg Hartshorne, (Above) Lawrie Blackwell, (Above) John Chambers, Hans Roling, Jim Fisher, Barry O’Donnell, Bert Parsons, (Above) John Cronin, (Above) John Dawe, (Above) Barry Cagney, (Below) John Coine, (Below) Bob Downs, (Below) Cohn Mohr, Frank Johnson, (Above) Jan Keizer, (Above) Bill Moutthan, (Above and Left of Jan) Reg Francis, (Left) Peter McKenzie, (Below) Arch Ramage, (to left of Arch) George Palmer, (Above) Charlie Cain, (To Charlie’s Left) Eric Palfelt, (Below) Harry Martin, Geoff Clarke, Alec Neilson, (Missing) Lew Morrison.

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