“The Adelaide to Brighton Joke.”

imagesThe Adelaide to Brighton train of a night was populated with some real Guv talent, like Jack Taylor, Lew Morrison, “Rags” Elsdon, Leigh McCormack, Ian Ingham, Mike Fuss, Barrie Basford and Parham.
It is rumoured that the Brighton passengers used to have a real fun time getting home.
When Parham started at the Guv in 1973, he lived in Mile End when it was a pretty rundown part of Adelaide.
He used to travel the short distance from the Mile End Wood platform into the city.


Getting to work was easy, going home was much harder for the “Delmont Medallist”.
The problem occurred on the nights that he worked overtime.
After a strenuous day hiding from the Gazette Staff and Cyril “The Clown” Barson and bullshitting about how good Gough Whitlam was, he was properly knackered.
How could you get distracted from Adelaide to Mile End?
Easy if you are a pretentious Dickhead.
The Guv blokes on the train would engage him in conversation about Union issues.
Soon the sleepy Parham would have sailed on past Keswick, Forestville, Emerson, Edwardstown, Oaklands Park, Warradale and on to Hove.
He never went further than Hove.
In the dim lights of the Hove Station you could see him running over to the opposite platform to start the long journey back to Mile End.
It happened more than once!

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