“The Hi-Top Club’s Bus Trip”.

In the 1970s an alternative Social Club was spawned from an incident at an Old Guv picnic. The children of of one of the Government Gazette comps who was at the Guv’s Picnic went up to get another “AMSCOL Hi-Top Ice Cream” from the strange bearded man looking after the Ice Creams. The children were […]

“Bert Parsons Retires”.

THE MACHINE ROOM AT BERT PARSONS RETIREMENT (Left to Right) Ian Nattrass, Howard Bateup, Harry Cumberland, Unknown, Syd Tschirn, John Cresswell, Bob Cooper, Eric Swann, David Conlon, Phil Murphy, (Top) Roger Smith, (Below and Right) David Walker, (Hiding) Brian Long, Paul Raby, Alan Partridge, Jack Veitch, Ron Ball, (Above) Keith Smith, (Above) Bob Dickson, Ian […]

“The Adelaide to Brighton Joke.”

The Adelaide to Brighton train of a night was populated with some real Guv talent, like Jack Taylor, Lew Morrison, “Rags” Elsdon, Leigh McCormack, Ian Ingham, Mike Fuss, Barrie Basford and Parham. It is rumoured that the Brighton passengers used to have a real fun time getting home. When Parham started at the Guv in […]

Harriet Taylor, Feminist.

Harriet Hardy was born in October 1807 in Walworth, south London, the daughter of a surgeon. Educated at home, she enjoyed writing poetry. In 1826, she married John Taylor, a prosperous merchant and together they had three children. The Taylors became active in the Unitarian Church and in 1830 a Unitarian minister introduced Harriet to […]

“Biro’s Old Guv Memories”.

My Old Guv memories started at trade school, Kintore Avenue, 1966, when I first ran into Warren “Abo” Pietsch and John “Rags” Elsdon. I used to wear my hair a little long in those days, like many other “with it” guys, but a little longer than some. Whenever Abo saw me coming into school he […]

“Our Ron”.

Ron Fuss, started as a “paste boy” in the Government Printing Office Bindery in 1938. Such young blokes had swept the front footpath, run messages and fetched lunch orders at the “Guv” since 1860. Ron was given a seven year apprenticeship in hand and machine composition. He was a fit young man our Ron and […]

Kym Frost.

Kym Frost was born in 1955, the Year of the Jockey. He attended Mansfield Park Primary and Angle Park Tech. As he came from humble beginnings it was no surprise that in 1971 he rocked up to the Old Guv to have a job interview with Don Conigrave commonly referred to as the Mushroom. The […]