Alec (Mac) McDougall.

scan0324-scaled500Photo: Bazza and Mac.
Alec McDougall was a Letterpress Printer and we all knew him as just “Mac”.
He had a stack of kids, at least eight on our last count.
It was said that after a visit to the home of Harry Dost that poor old Harry had to ring Mac up and tell him to come back because he had left one of the kids behind.
A true tradesman Mac worked on Miehle 2.
The work was mainly Government Gazette, large format jobbing work and the Electoral Rolls all done in hot metal and printed letterpress.
The cruel storm of technological change was just appearing on the horizon.
Mac did have a couple of bad habits though, he was addicted to Bex Powders (not unusual back then) and he loved to listen to the Race results and the Cricket Scores which was strictly forbidden in the Government Printing Office.
I can still hear him yelling “Wally Grout took a blinder!’ or “Benaud has just snagged another one.”
Mac was a popular and good mate to all…
Sadly, he passed away far too early with a heart attack.