“Pinnaroo Print Museum.”

5532ca310527b01abf68298cd584a8ce40715_mediumWith the technological changes in the Printing Industry during the 1960-1970s, type, machinery and skills built up over five centuries were rendered obsolete.
As the change took place, the Wilson brothers, owners of the Pinnaroo Border Times, preserved the old equipment, which subsequently formed the nucleus of the Pinnaroo Printing Museum.
Donations of equipment from printers in South Australia and interstate have built up a collection considered to be one of the best in Australia.


One of the unique collections in the Mallee Tourist & Heritage Centre, the Print Museum is not so much a museum of single exhibits, but is set out as a typical regional printing office of the early 20th century.
The Compositor “comp.” sets the metal type, that is, puts it together by hand, letter by letter, line by line, page by page, until the job is complete.
Letterpress Printing, as the word suggests, is the method of printing in which the metal type is coated with ink and pressed on to a paper surface to provide the printed word.
Printing has well been called the “Art Preservation of all Arts.”
By whatever process printing is carried out, it still bears that distinction.


In early times all composing of metal type was done by hand. The composition of the lines of type into a “forme” meant that multiple copies could be run off on a printing press.
When Gutenberg invented his movable type system in 1450, and the press to combine them with paper and ink, all the ingredients came together.
A new age was born. Johannes Gutenberg has been called the first modern industrial genius.
Footnote from Dion Williams Solly)
As an added bonus there is an excellent bakery across the road from the Heritage Centre and few doors down the road is a great old pub.
Opening hours for the Centre are listed as being from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. but there are phone numbers listed if anyone wanted to make an appointment for the afternoon.
Mallee Bound, Pinnaroo, Lameroo, Parilla and Geranium, South Australia


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