“Confessions of Young Bazza”.

unset1Hi, It’s Young Bazza here,
When I was at Primary School I decided that I wanted to be a Hot Metal Compositor.
Those blokes seemed so dignified, intelligent and handsome and got the best looking women in Hindley Street on a Saturday night.
So I gave up up my dreams of becoming a professional chicken plucker and after I left School I started applying at Printing Places all over Adelaide.
Every place I went to, I begged to became a Hot Metal Comp Apprentice, but they just laughed in my face and told me to “Fuck Off”.
xo6m39mws8roi6metcyk“I had always wanted to be one of these wonderful compositor blokes.” Young Bazza.
Then one day I found myself outside of the old Government Printing Office in King William Road.
I didn’t have an appointment but hesitantly climbed the stairs worried that I would get yet another knock back.
But this time I said that I wanted to be “a letterpress printer” and then told the old bloke who interviewed me that I played for Glenelg Colts.
Luckily, it was A.B. (Jumbo) James and within a few days I started as a Shitboy in the Print Room.
Within 15 years I realised that the Hot Metal Comps were the “has beens” and forgotten dinosaurs of the trade and I never looked back.
I went to work for a colour blind printer called Alec and had made firm friends with another strange Scotsman who got out of paying the ten pound “tourist fee” when he came to Australia. Oh! That was Lew.
Life was Beautiful…
Young Bazza