Hansard Staff 1938-1941.

OG3Photo: Back Row: Ron Lahiff (Comp/Reader), Ray Stagg (Comp), Roscoe (Ron) Peters (Comp), George Leach (Comp).
Front Row: Laurie Coombe (Comp), Hurtle Fry (Intertype Operator), Rupert Scott (Proof Reader) and Fred Viney (Front office).
Dear Rod,
I don’t know if you have ever come across the photo above. I found it among some “old stuff” that I was going through.
The photo I’d be fairly confident in saying would have been from between 1938 and 1941.
Each of the blokes pictured worked on “Hansard” (except Fred Viney) and were Old Guv Legends in their own right and would have been recognised by most Government Printing Office workers of that era.
“Family” Background
Ron Lahiff’s nephew and niece worked at the Old Guv. Ray Stagg’s daughter worked at the Guv and in the grahic arts industry. Roscoe Peter’s father worked at “The Advertiser” in production. Laurie Coombe’s brother was a Comp in the printing industry (and also in my class at Trade School). Rupert Scott was the brother of Charlie, who was the Head Monocaster at the Old Guv.

Best Regards,

Ronald J. Fuss (Ron)

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  1. Rupert Scott, reader in the comp room, was walking thru Myers one lunch time and noticed a set of encyclopedias on sale at a good price so he ordered a set for the old guv. Can you imagine the turmoil that went on when they arrived as no one had ordered the set. Eventually he owned up that he bought the set as it was a good price and they ”the readers” could well do with it. Don’t know what the outcome was, but they probably were sent back.

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