Ron Fletcher.

OG4Photo: Ron Fletcher in 1979.
The late Ron Fletcher was from Perth, Western Australia. He was apprenticed as a Machine Compositor with Perth’s “Sunday Times”.
In 1961 he was appointed to the Public Service of Papua New Guinea as an Instructor at the Government Printing Office in Port Morseby.
He was responsible for training the young native lads and practised for his aussie rules football games by booting the boys up the arse. After two years of this the lads asked that Fletch be promoted to Overseer.


Ron returned to Australia in 1966, and started up a trade typesetting business in Perth for three years.
In 1969 he ended up at West Australian Newspapers working in the Linotype Area and eventually became the Day Work Printer in Charge.
Ron was also involved as an Examiner of Apprentices in the Western Australian printing industry and helped with the introduction of new training programs for apprentices.
Ron and his “wife” were impressed with Adelaide on their arrival and settled down at Seaview Downs. He spent most of his spare time going to  Freemason’s Lodge, playing golf, boating, fishing and watching the Bays play Aussie Rules.
He loved going overseas but the poor bloke had some problems finding his way to his planned destinations.
Once he ended up in Paris, France, instead of making it to DRUPA in Germany.
He also was given a special nickname by the Old Guv workers. I think it was “Ankles.” Strange nickname that.
After leaving the Old Guv he worked for the Printing Employers Association (PATEFA) as Regional Manager.
He finally cracked the big time when he became the Grand Imperial Secretary of the Freemason’s Lodge of South Australia.
Sadly, Ron who was a pretty heavy smoker was taken by cancer some years ago


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    • It all started at the first interview. Fletch claimed he was the Day Printer at the West Australian newspaper. I checked on this after the interview, with the WA Government Printer, Bill Brown, who told me that he was a comp on the Day Printers staff; not the Day Printer. Fletch had been offered the job and had accepted the position of Production Manager by the Director General of Services and Supply, Bill Voysey. The SA Government paid all of his transfer costs for his wife and kids to move from Perth to Adelaide.
      The next episode came about by me receiving a phone call from Perth from a Val Fletcher. The person who came over from Perth was also Val. The person on the other end of the line was his wife who had commenced divorce proceedings against Fletch. The wife and kids that had come over from Perth, paid by the SA Government were not his wife or his kids. They were back in Perth.
      I spoke to him about it and he agreed that it was the truth. I told him I would have to ring the boss and let him know that he was here under false pretensions. The sum total was that he had to refund all of the transfer costs from Perth to Adelaide back to the SA Government. We did not start off on the right foot.
      I could go on but who wants to speak ill of the dead.

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