“The Casino Raid” Part 2.

casino-royale-review-wallpaper-03I thought that I could add a little more to the story about the police raid on the Cricket Club’s Casino Night held at the Netley Canteen in the 1970s.
As far as I can remember I was contacted on the Saturday morning by the Advertiser and the Sunday Mail for comments on the raid on the Friday night at the Netley canteen.
I did not have any comment as I did not know at that stage that there was a raid by the Vice Squad.
I then received a call from Bill Voysey the Director General of the Department of Services and Supply asking for my comments on what had happened and whether I had authorised the event in the canteen.
I had no comments and I told him that I had not been asked to authorise the venue.
On the Monday I was asked to attend a meeting in Bill Voysey’s office, organised by the Minister, Don Hopgood I think.
At the meeting was the Police Commissioner, Harold Salisbury who gave his understanding of the events which had taken place on the Friday evening.
According to the Commissioner, a female stripper had contacted the Police concerning a dispute over her not being paid for her performance.
She told the Vice Squad that there were blue movies being shown, other strippers were present, gaming was taking place in a back room of the canteen.
She told the Police that it had been well advertised as there were sailors there from a ship which was in port at the time.
From the interview sheet it was suggested that the stripper in question was dreadful and had been booed off the stage.
When she demanded her payment she was told to get lost as she had not earned it. She promptly left the canteen and rang the Police from a public telephone box.
On the Sunday there was a SANFL grand Final at Footy Park between Port Adelaide Magpies and I think Sturt.
I was a guest of the Advertiser and Ron Hewitt looked after me.
There was no discussion about the football but the whole day was taken up with the raid on the Gaming Night at the Public Buildings Canteen.
Evidently there were a number of Griffin Press and Advertiser people involved who had their names taken along with many others.

The Flash

7 thoughts on ““The Casino Raid” Part 2.

  1. Thanks very much for the “official” version of what happened. I cannot even remember strippers being there and I suspect there were plain clothed coppers there early in the night. As for who dobbed us in I’ve had three different takes as to who it was.


  2. To The Flash,
    I think the dobber might have been the wife of certain Englishman who participated on the night. It has some credibility when you know who!


  3. Where has all the life from our industry gone ? Many other printing companies can come up with plenty of great stories ( perhaps not as colourful as most from the Gov ) but still lots of fun and comradeship. Now you hear of nothing , do we still have an industry ? . Thanks to you all for such wonderful memories. Peter.


    • Unfortunately the Printing industry is in decline, due to new technology.Many have shut down in recent years, Gillinghams,Van Gastels, Glenelg print, Five star,Hyde park press, Cadillac.etc..In my experience, the social aspect in private companies was average.Nothing compares to the great times I experienced in my short time of employment at the Gov…Cheers to Rod for keeping those memories alive.. Richard Searle 1986-1993

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  4. Thanks to Peter Plowman and Richard Searle, printers to the core. When did Cadillac go Richard? It was just recently I think. I didn’t know about Five Star.


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