Barry O’Donnell.


How does he do it? How can a man born on 28 May, 1946, at Henley Beach look so young with hardly a grey hair to be seen.
The answer it appears lies in the old dye Bottle.
After moving to Clovelly Park young Baz attended South Road Primary and Marion High School. He passed Intermediate and worked at Woollies in Rundle Street in the Crockery department.
One too many broken tea cups and he was soon searching Adelaide for a job.
Baz stumbled into the Old Guv where he met the Superintendent “Jumbo” James who noticed that the dark haired boy was eager to work.
“We have apprenticeships for Compositors, Letterpress Printers and Hand Binders,” Jumbo said. Barry replied, “Sir, I have always wanted to be a Letterpress Printer”.
Soon after starting in 1962, the new Shit Boy had his brand new ripple sole desert boots stolen.
He was broken hearted and still suspects the thief was either Bob Downsan’kissmyarse or Fred Lipps as both men were very  jealous that Barry had passed Intermediate.
He also wrote to his idol rock star Johnny O’Keefe at the time asking if he knew where they were. Johnny went on to record a song for Baz called “Blue Suede Desert Boots”.
Barry was a tough Rocker and had his dark hair slicked back. He met Denise, a sweet young Liverpudlian at the Palais Dance Hall on North Terrace.
What Denise didn’t know was that her husband to be would hide in the shithouse for a couple of hours before the Hall opened to avoid paying for both their tickets. Cheapskate!
The sports talented Barry played for Glenelg Colts and umpired Australian football for a time.
He went on his first cricket club trip to Melbourne, where he got drunk and the kindly Scotsman Lew Morrison took pity on him and tenderly looked after him for the rest of the trip.
Baz left the Guv in 1982 after 20 years and went to work for Alec Neilson (another one of Lew’s Scottish mates).
Denise O’Donnell says that when she visited Barry at Aneil Press she could hear Bazza’s press going “kerthump, kerthump” and Kym Morrison’s press going “ratta-tat-tat, ratta-tat-tat.”
That’s our Baz, slow, but sure.
To the Ever Young Barry O’Donnell, Letterpress Printer and cheapskate you are a LEGEND.