Lew Morrison.

img_0041-2-scaled696-scaled5001Born in Glasgow, Scotland on 6th January, 1926, Lew was educated at Dunhard Street School. Whilst there he mingled with another lad called Andy Stewart, who was to become one of Scotland’s greatest entertainers.
Andy never spoke to Lew when he finally made the big time.
After finishing school Lew decided he definitely didn’t want to become a miner or a milk boy and settled for an apprenticeship in Letterpress Printing with Fowler’s Printing in Glasgow.
Then came a stroke of luck for Lew when Hitler invaded Poland. The senior printers were called up for war service and soon Lew Morrison was in Charge of the Factory, at just seventeen years of age.
Around that time a terrible incident occurred at the village of Strathayre, when Lew who was cycling with his friend Alec Neilson (a colourblind printer) had eleven punctures in just two hours.
In a blind fit of rage Lew threw his pushbike into the Strathayre River and was forced to walk home.
He rewarded his friend Alec with a job at what remained of Fowler’s Printing and decides to join the war. Because of his “strange past” past with the Scottish Sea Scouts he is able after a lot of talking to join the British Navy.
He soon becomes a casualty of war when during a storm just off the coast of Scotland he breaks his leg whilst doing the hornpipe jig for his fellow sailors. Lew then spends the rest of the war first in an English hospital, then recuperates in New York working as a Lavender Lady and then sadly for us, makes his way to Sydney, Australia which he loves.
Shortly after the end of World War II, Lew decides to emigrate to Australia with his colourblind printer friend Alec Neilson.
But Lew is outraged when he discovers that Alec has managed to avoid the “ten pound tourist” boat fare by pleading poverty.
So he fronts up to Australia House and after a hour of pleading poverty he too walks out with a free trip to Australia and a five pound donation from the staff at Australia House after they had a whip around.
We will never know what he told them!
So finally, Mr. Lewis Alexander Grant Morrison, pure bred Scotsman, Letterpress Printer and broken down Sailor finally comes with his friend Alec to our Great Land of Australia, as a total freeloader.
Lew, you may not be famous in Scotland but here in Australia you are a TOTAL BLOODY LEGEND!