The Tie Cutter.

118979785131iie4-scaled5001. Who was the Comp who would befriend all newcomers in the Comp Room?
2. He would gather all the information about their lives, their marriage, their children and their hobbies.
3. He would befriend them, they would think he was a lovely man…
4. After about 3 or 4 months he would cut all ties with them!
5. Some say he never spoke to them ever again.
6. His longest friendship was with Alf Slender (a pleasant Englishman).
For over a year the two families would socialise together. They went to the movies, had picnic days, attended Dances (where Alf played the Drums).
Then, on a Monday morning after a Weekend of joyous family fun, Alf said “Good Morning” to the Mystery Man.
There was absolute SILENCE. For a second time Alf said “Good Morning”. Our Mystery stranger turned and walked away and never spoke to Alf Slender from that day on.
7. He did this to everyone! People nodded to him in public, he never nodded back! It was as if they were dead to him!
8. I remember him doing it to Leigh “Scungy” McCormack. He did it to me! He probabably did it to Russell and Nick as well…


5 thoughts on “The Tie Cutter.

  1. The same MOODY person did the same to me in the Reading Room. We spoke plenty about motorbikes (we both rode them) and other stuff. We laughed and giggled together. He would always say “Hello” in the morning. THEN, one day, SILENCE. Not another word was spoken from his MOODY mouth to me again.
    However, other privileged people attracted his attention.
    I don’t know who this person was, but he was some MOODY bastard, I know that!


    • Bob Downs told me on Friday that only a few years back he saw the Tie Cutter in a Shopping Centre and said “Hello Mr Cutter” offered his hand to shake and the Cutter walked right on by as if Bob was invisible.


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