Geoff Michell.


Geoffrey Raymond Michell was born on 7 April, 1939 at Unley Private Hospital to proud parents Geoff and Eva Michell.

Geoff attended Mitcham Primary and in the next seven years represented the school in various sports. After Mitcham Primary it was off to Goodwood Tech.

His career as a comp began in 1955 when he commenced with E. S. Wigg and Sons on Port Road, a job which lasted for 12 years. He did his “Nasho” training from 1958 to 1961 along with Reg Hartshorne at Woodside.

Before starting at The Old Guv in January, 1969, he spent a few years making elephant rubber stamps at Modern Printing and not giraffe stamps as some cruel people at the old guv have claimed.


It only took just two or three days at the Old Guv at KWR before he was given the nickname “Giraffe”. He wore that nickname with great distinction over the next 25 years.

Geoff married Lila at Yorketown on 1 May, 1965 and they have an eldest daughter Sharon, son Wayne and youngest daughter Lisa plus two grandsons Miles and Bailey.

Geoffrey ‘‘Giraffe” has always loved his sport: 22 years of tennis for Uniting Church; eight years of footy with Mitcham District as well as coaching and umpiring Netball for eight years.

But it is as a Musician that Geoff has endeared himself to family and friends. He started learning brass instruments at nine years of age and is a Life Member of the Mitcham City Brass Band (28 years) while playing for the Salvos for 21 years and Johnnies Christmas Pageant (20 times).

Since retiring Geoff has been a volunteer driver for the Red Cross and Mothers and Children’s Hosp.

When he looks back at his time with the Guv he especially remembers Cyril “The Clown,” Harry “The Horse,” Frank Lock, Takis Lavithis, Kevin Rex Stack(hyphenated)Neale, Bernie LeFay, “Grubby” Hartshorne, and Alex “The Toff” Riley as well as many others.

Some band members referred to Geoff as Blakey (On the Buses) when he sported his moustache.

He enjoyed his time at the Guv, was always a gentleman and was a highly respected member of staff.

Mister Geoffrey “Giraffe” Michell you are a “Legend”.


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  1. Great story on Geoffrey ‘Giraffe’ …..all the “nick” names reminded me of my days working in the old Islington workshops. there were blokes we only ever knew by their “nick’ names or brass medals with a number stamped on that you would hook on and off inside a big wooden box screwed onto the wall so that you would be paid each fortnight . AND if you lost your medal they would make you pay for a new one ….miserable bastards. By the way the dunnies never had doors on them either until we had a ‘sit down’ strike. .


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