Stanhope Press lands in South Australia.

03_stanhope_press_98-97The first printing press which was landed with the Free Settlers of South Australia in late 1836 was a Stanhope (hand driven) Press, which was located in a crude tent occupied by the Thomas family on the North Bend of the “Paddywallunga” River at Glenelg.

The Stanhope Press was owned by Mr Robert Thomas and Mr George Stevenson, Secretary to Governor Hindmarsh, the State’s first Governor.

The Act of Proclamation and first Government Gazette had been printed in England some six months before the Settlers arrived. The Proclamation Ceremony was held at Glenelg in December, 1836.



The Captain of the ship that landed the Stanhope Press felt the metal type on board would make perfect ballast for his crossing of the treacherous Tasman Sea to Hobart.

A frustrated Robert Thomas was finally re-united with his precious cases of metal type some time after the first landing. In June, 1837, the second edition of the Government Gazette and Colonial Register was produced.

At that time the Printing Office had been moved to Hindley Street, Adelaide.