A few last Words from Bettsy.


The Photo is actually of Mel Gibson. Times ARE hard.

This is one of the Best and Funniest True Stories from the Old Guv.

Before he left in the 1990s after accepting a redundandancy package “Bettsy” had a few last words to say to the Old Guv House Magazine.

For those who remember the late Colin Betts in the Comp. Room it should not come as any surprise. But, it is very funny.

What have been your Career Highlights whilst working here?

Being told by an “arsehole” that I would never get anywhere in this place and then waiting and waiting to be retrained in desktop publishing.

What are going to do Next?

“Dunno”. I might have stood some chance of getting another job if only I had got that bloody training in Desktop Publishing!

Any special Words of Encouragement to those who are Staying On?

“I’m telling you, don’t believe a bloody word they say about getting retrained in Desktop Publishing”.

Any Special Goodbyes?

“NO! I thought that with my vast experience in this place and the printing trade I might have got retrained for Desktop Publishing. So  that “arsehole” was right after All?”

Colin was a strange bloke indeed. I remember him telling me about the time he made himself a cheese and onion sandwich. But, he mistakenly used a daffodil bulb in place of the onion. He was as sick as a dog.



2 thoughts on “A few last Words from Bettsy.

  1. Rod, I would like to add to your comment re Bettsy’s sandwich. This is quite bizarre!
    I was watching the British TV show “Coppers” last night (SBS), which is a brilliant real-life expose of police on the beat. Last night’s episode was of a group of about eight coppers in their Mercedes-Benz police van and what they come up against in a typical day’s work – breaking up fights, arresting people, drug-busts, stake-outs, eating their lunch in the van – and lots of farting!
    To break the monotony of police work, one of the blokes was telling a joke about someone who dug up some daffodil bulbs (thinking they were onions) then made a sandwich. He became very ill and went to hospital. The closing line of the joke was “He will come out in spring!” A very funny joke, I thought!
    The bizarre part is – the coppers have a name for their van – BETTSY.
    Now that is spooky!


  2. Nick, Spooky to say the least. I know Colin wouldn’t be very happy where he is at the moment and we all know he held a grudge, perhaps for eternity.
    Tread warily!


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