“Friends” after 52 years.

A dispute over sweeping up some flame tree leaves outside the Old Guv Printing Office some 52 years previous has been finally settled.
On the one hand we had Alex Riley, Apprentice and Accuser and on the other hand Brian Hartshorne, Senior Apprentice and the Accused.


The Issue:

Alex (young apprentice) believed that back in 1961, that Brian (senior apprentice) scattered flame tree leaves on the pavement outside the Old Guv in King William Road. All this just to get Alex in the shit with the Government Printer (Les “The Bull” Hawes).cambrowndm0504_468x338

This has given Alex thousands of sleepless nights whilst Grubby has gone on completely unaware of the extreme grief that he may have caused the now 70 year old Toff.

Alex, after 52 years of cowardly silence finally fronted Grubs at an Old Guv Lunch and Grubby being the jovial and honest man that we all know and love, said, “Yes, I done it!”

Finally, mates after 52 years and really just “How Boring”…