“I did not have Sex with that Woman”

Little did we know that Bill Clinton’s alleged statement on the Lewinsky affair would come to haunt us on the Government Gazette Staff in little old Adelaide.

All Hell had broken loose on the Gazette Staff! The Gazette had been printed with a massive mistake in a Land Notice that had appeared in that week’s Gazette.

An Extraordinary Gazette was quickly printed to fix the fuck up. Don Woolman demanded answers, “Heads will Roll and who Stuffed Up?” he shouted.

Poor old David Wallis was the Reader who missed the Error in the proof. But, “Who was the Comp who Stuffed Up?”

A Cone of Silence descended and shrouded the Gazette Work Area! Yes, It seemed that No-One had fucked Up! No-One did it!


One Comp even made the Statement, “I did not work on that Gazette.”

The Culprit never came forward, Sam Lawn blamed John Freebairn, it wasn’t him!

The Twist to this Tale was that three weeks later a Customer was extremely pleased with a Book that we had produced.

He asked Don Woolman for a list of those people who had worked on it. He wanted to personally thank each person with a Letter of Appreciation.

To Don Woolman’s surprise and disbelief he was handed a list of over 50 people who were claiming that they had worked on this book.

The list included the person who only weeks prior denied he had even worked on the buggered Gazette.

Woolman shook his head and said, “Fuck Me”. “It’s amazing you know a few weeks back not one person worked on that Gazette Fuck Up.”

“But today, just about everyone worked on this Book”.


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  1. Hi Rod, the answer to the Gazette stuff up resolved itself a couple of weeks after the event. The Land Notice in question was a dispute over the land at the corner of Old Port Road and Port Road, Alberton, where Myer wanted to build a large shopping centre plus a retail store. Evidently the Port Adelaide Council had given tacit approval for the development subject to publishing in the Gazette. The night in question two people entered the Comp Room, one a lawyer and the other some one representing Myer who changed the copy to be published in the Gazette. The questions I was asked was how did two unauthorised people get into the building, how did they change copy for the Gazette and did any one challenge the two strangers. As you will remember security by Public Buildings was increased from that time on. This all led to a huge dispute between the Port Adelaide Council, the Government and Myer. The end result was that the complex was never built. The answer “don’t stuff with Government”.

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