The Social Club’s Mildura Bus Trip.

001_4-1From Left To Right: Unknown lady, the nice Bus Driver, Wendy Powell, Rod Parham, Rob Powell, Allison (Wendy Powell’s late sister), Dave “the Crying Cop,” Joanne Burnett (Mike’s sister), Fred Preece (Darryl’s brother), Janet Bierton, Judy Marks and the late Margaret Gilbertson (extreme right).

Absent: Faye Stagg, Esther Davis, Doug Gilbertson (Marg’s husband), Audrey and Rodney Clowes.


It was a great weekend in the wonderful Victorian tourist town of Mildura.

Highlight of the weekend was the disgraceful performance of Faye Stagg on the night bus trip to Mildura.



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  1. unknown next to fred preece looks like Tim Fitzgerald’s ex wife, I think her maiden name was Janet Bierton


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