The Unknown CEO.


Photo from left to right: Rowan Williams (Printer), Our Unknown CEO (I’ve forgotten his name), David Walker (me) and Erik Palfelt (Printer).

This photo was taken at an Award ceremony after we (the Printers) came up with something very clever (I’ve forgotten what it was).

I would like to know the CEO’s name as well.

All I can remember is I used to knock around with the Unknown CEO’s little brother and it embarrassed the Unknown CEO when I told him about the horrible and lustful pranks that we got up to at a Church Youth camp many years ago.

David Walker

20 thoughts on “The Unknown CEO.

  1. The CEO was head of State Services, Bill Cossy. Not sure if I have spelt it right. A Gentleman and a great Boss.


  2. “Eric” wasn’t spelled correctly – it’s “Erik”.
    Just thought I’d mention it!


    • Wayne,
      I guess you won’t be surprised when I tell you that the only two people who have got the spelling right is Laurie and your cobber Russell. Both comps I think. How’s Port Power going? GO THE BLOODS. Oh! It’s COSSEY.


  3. Laurie Cahalan wrote

    HI Rod The CEO’s name was Bill Cossey.I had a lot to do with him when I was at the GUV.He was CEO of the Courts Administration Authority, Adelaide Festival Centre and I think for a small time CEO at the Education Department. He was a bit of a trouble shooter for the GOV.

    I will try to be at the Christmas lunch.


    Laurie Cahalan


  4. Hi Rod,
    I Knew it was Bill all along I just wanted to know how to spell his last name. I’m still not sure. His little brother;s name was Steven. One thing we can all agree on he was a great bloke


  5. I think you should apologise to our esteemed Machine Room friend, Rod.
    He is contributing to the site and you’re abusing him already.
    Shame on you!


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