Roger Francis – Part One.

001_5jpgscaled696_1jpgscaled696-scaled500The following Eulogy was delivered at the Funeral of Roger Francis by Russell Wight.

When Gay asked me if I would like to say a few words about Roger, I decided I would jot down a few notes about the type of person he was, or more to the point, how I perceived Roger.

Having known Roger for some 35 years as a work colleague and later as a member of the State Print Cricket Club, I have to describe him as one of those real characters that leave a lasting impression on you.

He was like the four seasons, his personality comprised all possible facets.

He was reliable, extremely methodical and conscientious in anything he undertook.

Roger could be argumentative, miserable and annoying. He was extremely forthright. If you tried to bend the rules and take shortcuts, Roger would be like a dog with a bone, and was never backward in letting you know he didn’t agree with your actions.

He could be kind, gentle and supportive of workmates, if he felt they had been unduly treated.

He was jovial, always looking to have a chat. He would always do his ritual tour of the plant every day and offer varying forms of “hellos’ to his workmates.

He was a great stirrer and enjoyed the challenge of verbal conflict with his adversaries.

He could be extremely co-operative, if you asked him to get something. He usually would put on a big song and dance about doing it, but in 15 minutes or so, it would be on your desk, accompanied with a cheeky smile.

He was a loveable rascal he made you laugh.

Roger was without doubt, one of those people who were the heart and soul of the Government Printing office. Roger always knew what was happening around the place. If you wanted to know a “whacker”, you went and spoke to Roger. If he didn’t know, no-one did.