Bazza looks back…

img_4521_zps7ef49d38Hi! I’m Barry O’Donnell (Bazza). I’ve been trying to recall some of the names of the characters I worked with during my time at the Old Guv.

Well, Here We go! If you can add to the list, let us know…

Bob Downs, Barry Cagney, Cyril Day, Alec McDougall, Jackie Veitch, Harry Dost, Ron Ball, Dennis Duthie, Harry Martin, Paddy Hickey, Bob Cooper, Paul Raby, Alan Dell, Brian Long, Ian Russell, Ray Belt, John Cresswell, John Jepson, Keith Luce, Brian Trowbridge, Alec Neilson, Bert Parsons, Doug Lawrie, Howard Bateup, Lew Morrison, Bob Virgin, John Dawe, Alan Morris, Laurie Gilbertson, John Cronin, Colin McPhee, Geoff Clarke, Lawrie Hussin, Archie Ramage, Juli Bodar, Eric Swann, Bob Dickson, Lawrie Blackwell, Reg Hartshorne, Hans Roling, Daryll Ash, Danny Symons, Bill Moutthann, David Conlon, Jim Fisher, Neville White, Wayne Turnbull, Ted Burkett, John Chambers, Don Ledo, Harry Cumberland, Phillip Murphy, Danny Jiranek, Don Potts, John Hall, George Palmer, Ted Norton, Cohn Mohr, Reg Francis, Alan Thatcher, John Coyne, Roger Smith, Jack Fry, David Smith, David Walker, George Bartels, Bruce Falvey, Craig Dunk, Fred Howlett, BELINDA??, Dean Smith, Kym Morrison, Dennis O’Donnell, Jamie Black, Alfie??, Aad Stegink, Syd Tschirn, Eric Palfelt, Peter McKenzie, Ian Natrass, Mark Cullen, Ron Garland, Charlie Cain, Con Rogers, Eric Oliver, Rowan Williams, John Chapman, Yuris Seglins, Bill Donnell, Sam Sly, Frank Johnson, Kym Curgenven, Alan Partridge, Ian Pipprell, Chris Candlett, Clarie Martin, Kurt Pieker, Norm McDonald, Norm Fellows, Ray Searle, Dion Williams, John Whittaker, Colin Goodfellow, Mel Ince, Peter Reeves, Steve Hildyard, Grant Hofmeyer, Mike Carter and Alan Maynard.

Maybe there is INK rather than Blood in many of us. I’m sure there are many more whose names are not here (SORRY). We are Part of the FAMILY who were in the Govt.Printing Office’s MACHINE, STORE and DESPATCH Rooms when I was there.

Thanks to ALL of you and to the Many others who worked in ALL the Sections of the Govt. Printing Office.

Apologies for those no longer with us.

Barry O’Donnell


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    • Don, Bazza has got Lawrie Blackwell while you’ve got Laurie. Also Baz has got Bruce Falvey, you have George Falvey. Are we talking about the one person?


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