Bazza looks back…

Hi! I’m Barry O’Donnell (Bazza). I’ve been trying to recall some of the names of the characters I worked with during my time at the Old Guv. Well, Here We go! If you can add to the list, let us know… Bob Downs, Barry Cagney, Cyril Day, Alec McDougall, Jackie Veitch, Harry Dost, Ron Ball, […]

Dean Smith.

Great bloke and great Tattooist, just ask him….Dean Smith is an excellent fellow. I called on him in the print trade a number of times when I was a Union organiser. Always glad to see me and proud to be a Unionist! If anyone has an email address…

Ben and Tammy.

Ben and Tammy Francis joined the gathering at the Old Guv Legends Reunion 2012. Photo by Mark Noble

Wendy Dowsett.

Recently, Wendy was looking for someone who could remember her time at Netley. Well, the answer came from a bloke who you can see in the photo above and that was Garth Mugford. Thanks Garth for your help once again. In my time at the Old Guv I found Wendy to be a really helpful […]

Barry and Marijke.

Barry and Marijke James looked contented at the Reunion. Oh! By the way Barry has sent me a message. “If it is true that Alex Riley first thought of the re-union idea then I will retract having said nothing good ever came out of the Planning Dept!…

Paul and Glenice.

Paul and Glenise Raby are a fun couple. But it took Paul quite sometime to realise who his best mates were! Photo by Mark Noble

Bernie and Garth

Bernie Marwe and Garth Mugford. What do Binders talk about when they get together? Comps talk rubbish, so I guess the Binders would too! More so, I suppose. Anyway, these two blokes had a good time at the Reunion. Photo by Mark Noble

Alan Maynard.

It’s the one and only Alan Maynard, Cricket Club Legend. Alan was born at Safety Bay (48 km South of Perth) in 1944. After a lot of shifting around as a lad, he eventually settled in Adelaide where he worked for the Christies Meat Store in the City Centre as a trainee butcher and smallgoods […]

Bruce and Jyll.

Bruce Gow (Jobbing, Hansard Night shift) and Jyll Watson (Bindery, Mailing and Micrographics, City). Bruce lives at Two Wells and Jyll at Port Hughes on the Yorke Peninsula (near Moonta). Photo by Mark Noble