Steve Palmer.

Steve Palmer (Compositor, Typesetter and Manager of Riverside Publishing). Photo by Mark Noble

Jack and Helen.

Jack Flack (Compositor, reader, photographer and quality control) and wife Helen (Socialite and good conversationalist). Photo by Mark Noble

Big Den.

Dennis Grover (Jobbing Comp, typesetter and document reproductionist). Small business owner and botanist. Photo by Mark Noble

Bob, David and Lew.

The original BobDownsan’kissmyarse, David Condon (standing) and the Flying Scotsman (Lew Morrison). Photo by Mark Noble

Danny and Lorraine.

Danny and Lorraine Symons. Danny is a Printing Machinist and a Trade School Teacher by inclination. Photo by Mark Noble

The Two Davids.

David Matthews (Binder, bielomatic operator) and David Lascelles (Compositor, RAAF Flight Controller). Photo by Mark Noble

Richard and Bevan.

Richard and Bevan, close friends of Ian Ingham (Readers). Bevan is brother to Rod “Bags” Baker (Comp. Room).

Hans Roling.

There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Hans Roling wasn’t having a good time at the O’Donnell table at the Reunion. Just look at him here he’s laughing kitbags! I think…