The Monster Engine by Dave Devries.

Dave Devries takes sketches of monsters drawn by children purely from their imagination and renders them realistically giving them a truly devilish look. His collection of drawings and paintings form a 48-page book “The Monster Engine”. Devries would project a child’s drawing with an opaque projector, and then faithfully trace each line. Applying a combination … Continue reading

The Colney Hatch Fire.

Image by Tyla’75 in the Londonist Flickr pool. by Matt Brown. On 27 January 1903, 52 people, all female, lost their lives when a fire swept through the Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum. This high death toll marks the tragedy as the worst peacetime fire in London’s history since the medieval period. Yet it’s rare to … Continue reading

Silhouettes Play on the Streets of Padua.

The streets of Padua Italy are filled with playful silhouettes by local street artist Kenny Random. Kenny, whose real name is Andrea Coppo has been practicing the art form since the eighties, and over the years his style has ranged from anthropomorphic figures, stenciled silhouettes and a myriad of cartoon characters which interact with each … Continue reading

The Superb Stefan Zsaitsits.

Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits is still at it with his head-remixing surrealistic drawings. Is this a dream, is this just fantasy? Are his drawings getting even more trippy? We’ll let you make the call. See more Images via New Head-Remixing Work from the Superb Stefan Zsaitsits.