Machiavelli, 1469 -1527.

The father of modern political theory, Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, was born at Florence, May 3, 1469, saw the troubles of the French invasion (1493), when the Medici fled, and in 1498 became secretary of the Ten, a post he held until the fall of the republic in 1512. He was employed in a … Continue reading

Ravens in Literature.

The symbolism of ravens can be divided into three main categories: that of the evil spirit or harbinger of death, that of the trickster or thief, and that of the prophetic or wise spirit. The traditional English poem “One for bad news, Two for mirth” incorporates all three of these, reflecting the way that both … Continue reading

The Sadness of Sukara.

Painting of Egyptian donkey by Mariam Hathout (Photo: Courtesy of Mariam Hathout) by Yasmine Fathi. In Cairo’s chaotic streets, Sukara’s agonised wails drowned in the blare of car horns. Abandoned in a pile of household garbage within sight of a mosque and a cafe, it was three days before anyone in the working class neighbourhood … Continue reading

Did you Know? by a Biro.

Did you know you can receive 50 Concession Stamps from Australia Post each year, once you attain Pension Age? No – well, neither did I, until I visited my dear mother-in-law in Queensland the other week. I have NEVER received a letter or card from anyone who has used Concession Stamps – have you? On … Continue reading

Papua New Guinea’s Singing Dog.

A PNG singing dog, doing what it does best. (Credit: R.G. Daniel/Flickr) by Becky Crewe. MEET THE NEW GUINEA singing dog (Canis dingo hallstromi), one of the world’s most elusive canines. Almost impossible to find in the wild, these charismatic canines are hidden away in the vast, thickly forested mountains of West Papua, where even … Continue reading